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Investment insights

Intermediate-level Investment Information

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Open Order

An order to buy and sell a security that remains in effect until it is either cancelled by the customer […]

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The amount that has to be deposited with the Clearing Corporation before the purchase or sale of a security.

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Matched transaction

A process whereby buy and sell orders from different parts of the country come into the trading system and get […]

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Limit order

An order to buy or sell a specified number of shares when a specified price is reached.

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Day Order

An order that is placed for execution, if possible, during only one trading session. If the order cannot be executed […]

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Custodians are institutional intermediaries who are authorized to hold funds and securities on behalf of large institutional investors such as […]

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Contract note

A note issued by a broker to his client setting out the number of securities bought or sold in the […]

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Closing Out

Where a party to a contract does not make delivery against sale or payment against delivery, the other party can […]